Stranded Front FAC72


All Marine Corps reservist Jake Chalmers wants is to give his dying wife a last, romantic cruise to the Philippines. Unable to save her in a mass murder aboard ship, he washes ashore an uninhabited jungle island, where he discovers three other survivors. Heartbroken that he failed to save his wife, he is determined not to fail these helpless castaways.

Federal prosecutor Eve Eriksson rescues a young girl and her elderly great-aunt from the same ship. They badly need Jake’s survival skills, but why is he so maddeningly careful? She needs to hurry home to nail a significant career trial. And, please, before Jake learns her secret that she’s responsible for his wife’s death.

Available in digital and print at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OQGJBUY

And now the sequel, FORGOTTEN: A NOVEL

Available in digital and paperback at http://www.amzn.com/B01N639LXP


  1. Cindra says:

    I love how the female and male perspective were so authentic in this book. I’m curious how the two of you accomplished that so well…must be love.

    Thanks for such a wonderfully told story.

    • Am tickled that you noted this, Cindra! Yes, each of us was sensitive to how the genders were presented. Two examples: Don’s comment to what I’d written about Jake – “Men don’t think like that.” My comment to what Don had written about Eve – “That’s insulting to a woman.” And, yes, 50 years of marriage has contributed a lot of love to the process! 🙂

      • Cindra says:

        As a Venetian, I respect and enjoy the differences between the way our minds work and the Martian brains from the male species.

        The military trained mind and self-discipline of Jake, tempered with his relationship with God and love of those he cares about, is such a cool combination and one I recognize in my own husband. And I love the realism of Eve’s skeptiicism, needing to feel in charge and being her own-person while not being vulnerable. (Good example of the paradox many women in today’s world find themselves in.)

        Ya- I just kinda loved reading this book and I’m having withdrawals for the 4 survivors.

      • Awww, a big *hug* to you, Cindra, to comfort you until you see them again–in the sequel!

  2. William Keen says:

    WOW! What a twist to the old ‘ship wrecked’ theme. Great characters and plot.

  3. J says:

    I loved this book. It was so real.

  4. Janice says:

    IReally enjoyed this when does the sequel come out

  5. Robert Resendez says:

    im glad i read this book. it was an awesome read.

  6. Donna Shappy says:

    Great book. When does the sequel become available?

  7. Karen Black says:

    LOVED Stranded! The characters were real people, struggling as we all do to reconcile faith, life, love and hardship under extreme conditions that kept me up late reading chapter after chapter. The python attack will keep me away from jungles and even reptile exhibits forever! Bravo!

  8. shelia says:

    I enjoyed this book . The characters were all wonderfully chosen and written.

  9. Cyndi says:

    I love this book! A great read that was hard to put down at bedtime! When will the sequel be ready?

  10. Wanda says:

    AWESOME ! I really enjoyed this book.

  11. Pat West says:

    This is a very good book. It kept me on the edge of my seat!!!

  12. Val Shaw says:

    I loved this book! The only thing I would suggest is that you have a picture of the map in the beginning or near where they are on it. I kept trying to picture it and wished I could see a map. I would love to see a sequel too.

  13. Marcia Nation says:

    Wonderful read. Looking forward to the sequel

  14. Deborah Chesney says:

    Well this was my second time reading this book and it was still as good as the first time. I even got more out of Eve’s story than I remembered. Looking forward to the next one.

  15. Tammy says:

    looking forward to the sequel. That was an intense read. I felt closterfobic when they were in the tunnel. I found it hard to breathe until they got out. My imagination ran wild through the whole book. It was like a movie. I felt the terror and imagined the pain and struggle as the lepord dug into Jakes body. The end was a little fast and a bit unbelievable, especially since it wraped up so quickly and with less detail, but it was still good. I am guessing leaving my email address will allow me to know when the next book comes out even though it wraped up well enough to just end and make up my own sequal in my head. Can’t find the sign up for the newsletter.

    • Oh yeah, I’d love to have Stranded made into a movie–but it sounds like you did quite well as a producer in your head, Tammy! LOL! The sequel will take up where Stranded ended and tie up some of those lingering questions. The sign-up for the newsletter is in the upper left-hand corner. See it?

  16. Jo says:

    Good reading..good writing.

  17. April says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful book!

  18. Raghavendra says:

    Dear Authors,

    Thank you very much for giving us such a wonderful story. The fact that I became sad when the characters were troubled and rejoiced when they were happy, itself shows how I loved the plot. Way to go! I almost always was reading your book; even if I got 10 minutes spare time, I was reading it. It was so captivating.

  19. Ivena B says:

    Wonderful read it really had me gripped all the way through looking forward to the sequel

  20. Lethia Fox says:

    I chose this book from reading the description..Giving it my usual trial run of the first couple chapters. Little did I realize what I had stumbled onto. Imagine my surprise when I discovered Christian content and that these were Christian Writers. I simply couldn’t put the book down. Spell bounding from start to finish. Loved, loved the book and especially how it confirmed our relationship with a Loving and forgiving God is never out of reach for anyone who seek Him. So look forward to the continuing story line. May God grant you knowledge and inspiration in your next series…..A new fan, Lethia Fox

  21. Marian Grossman says:

    I agree with everything Lethia Fox wrote. I loved the book and your characters. Many places in the story I had to stop reading because I was so tense about what was going to happen. It was like I was watching a movie and had to cover my eyes because I was afraid of what was happening. My husband had a good laugh. Looking forward to the sequel!!kmgrossman@bright.net

  22. Rhea-Marie says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed Stranded! Couldn’t put it down, waiting for rescue! Loved your descriptive language because I could visualize the island etc! Looking forward to the continuing story.

  23. Tracy says:

    What next!? Loved it!

  24. Suzanne says:

    Read thru the comments and many captured my exact feelings. What I was so amazed at was the use of words to capture us and not want us to stop still we found out the next and the next and the next. It kept drawing me in. It has been a while since I read fiction novel because most of the time i read non fiction Christian so I checked out 2 books and they were boring then #3 was yours. I just started reading and it captured me to the end. My imagination could clearly see the people and the places and the challenges and injuries and the battles between the characters. Thanks so much and I am glad you are making a sequel.

  25. Shannon Stamper says:

    Couldn’t put it down! I am married to a long-suffering man a bit like Jake, and I tend to be hard-headed like Eve, so this spoke to me. Although I’m pretty sure my husband would have boxed my ears for taking the lighter!

  26. Lisa says:

    Such a great book!! I bought it as part of that 5 book set on Amazon. I finished it a few hours ago. I’m so attached to the characters that I can’t even go on to the next book. Went to Amazon to find more of your titles. Nothing! Nothing? Say it isn’t so!! What are you doing reading this? Go write! Please! LOL!! Looking forward to reading more!

  27. Kathy says:

    Loved the book! Couldn’t stop reading. I can’t wait till the sequel is released! Have found a new favorite author to add to my list! Will tell everyone to get this book!

  28. Nancy says:

    Loved, loved, loved this book. I could not put it down and now I am so excited to read your next book! What an adventure! Thank you!!

  29. accuratax says:

    Where do I sign up for the newsletter. I don’t see a link for that.

  30. Linda says:

    I loved the book and can’t wait for the next one.

  31. Dave says:

    Real page turner from the beginning. Loved the plot and the characters. Hope for more. Can’t wait!!

  32. Tonya Butler says:

    Oh my. It was hard to put down this book, but I had to go to work, eat, sleep. Wanted more and now I am anxious for the sequel.

  33. Deborah says:

    I am sad to have read the last page! I want to know more about the four survivors. I appreciated the realness of their relationship with God and their response to every situation. I look forward to the next chapter in their lives. I can’t wait to receive your newsletter. D

  34. Rick Morgan says:

    Really enjoyed your book. Plot was exciting and fresh. Loved the reference s about God and Christian beliefs. Great job looking forward to your next one.

  35. Jane. Hodge says:

    Would love to read the sequel to this book, since I enjoyed it so much. Also this would make a GREAT movie!!!

  36. pameline1066 says:

    I absolutely LOVED this book!!! I couldn’t put it down except for the many times I was so tense from what was about to happen. I’d read a few lines, try to breath, read a few more close my eyes, and read some more. I even snuck the book to the bathroom at work because I had to know what was going to happen next! I can’t wait for the sequel…. It’s sure to be just as amazing!!! This will rank as one of my all time favorites!!!!

  37. Sure, Pam. Upper left hand corner where it says Free Subscriptions Via. Glad to have you aboard!

  38. Donna says:

    How soon can w e get the sequel

    • I’m afraid we had a 9-month delay because of difficult circumstances in 2015, but we’re making up for it now and chugging ahead. Best prospect is this summer, worst is Christmas. So sorry! If only we could see the unforeseen! 😦

  39. Paul Madsen says:

    Just finished ready for the second time. Was worth a revisit.
    Seeing life from four perspectives makes you take a another slant on life.m

  40. Hee hee, Jane, I get so tickled with comments that the book was hard to put down! Big *hug*! Second novel hopefully will be available at the end of the summer, or Christmas, if worse come to worse!

    • April says:

      Just love reading that others loved your book as much as I did and especially appreciate that you answer each on personally. Not many authors do that. It takes a special person to do such a thing.Thank you!

  41. Jane Hodge says:

    I am anxiously anticipating the second book of this series. Really looking forward to reading!!

  42. Patty says:

    Awesome book! I read it on my tablet, but I manage a church library, and less than halfway through decided I needed to order a hard copy for the catalog. When I started looking for more books by the same author, I was shocked to find this was a first novel. Great writing and characters! You should definitely get it on ChristianBook.com to generate more interest and sales. Can’t wait for the sequel!

    • Thanks, Patty! Your praise is a wonderful reward for our efforts, and we appreciate your putting a hard copy in your church library. Big *HUG*! We’d love to sell it on ChristianBook.com, but they don’t accept self-published books. 😦

  43. Ann Gause says:

    Just had to tell you how much I enjoyed this book. I just finished reading it for the second time! I read it some time ago on my Kindle and forgot that. I began it again and couldn’t put it down! Look forward to your next novel!

  44. Kathy Mikkelson says:

    Loved the book. Would make a good movie or series.

  45. Mary Hardwich says:

    Absolutely spellbinding. Loved this book. I read a lot of Christian fiction and this book was the best yet.

  46. Denise. Balon says:

    Our book club is reading this now. Meeting at end of month. I just finished it. The book was great! The last day or so I couldn’t put it down cause I just had to know what was going to happen. Can’t wait to hear what the other ladies have to say. Really enjoyed the story. Thanks!md

    • I’m so delighted to hear this, Denise! I suspect you already know I have a tab for book club discussion questions to use if you liked. 🙂 Oh, I think I’m as excited as you are! Hugs to all the club members!

      • Denise Balon says:

        We had our book club meeting tonight and everyone one raved about Stranded and we are all are looking forward to the next one. They were doing a bit of speculating on what we will learn in the next book, but decided that we will just have to wait for it to be released. We were all saying how we couldn’t put the book down. The day that I finished it was my laundry day so I would read and then I would have to put it down in order to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer. Thanks for a great reading experience.

      • LOL, Denise, I’m glad it was laundry day and not cooking going on, or you might have had some disastrous results! So THRILLED your book club group loved Stranded! *Snoopy dancing* If any of you (the more the merrier) would be willing to post a review on Amazon–even a simple “Loved this book!”–you’d make our day! Good reviews are authors’ pats on the back and hugs. 🙂

  47. Denice says:

    Loved this book. When will the sequel be out?

  48. Janet Hunter says:

    I just finished the book. I loved it. So happy to hear there will be a a sequal. When I saw “the end”, I said no I want more. You made the characters so real that I want to know all about their coming home etc.

  49. Janet Hunter says:

    When I was signing up for your news letter, I noticed your address. I used to live in Indianapolis, on the west side in Wayne township. Still in Indiana but way up north now. Small world.

  50. Michelle Mitchell says:

    What an awesome read! It kept me captivated from the beginning! I loved the adventure & the heart-pumping encounters. I absolutely LOVED how you unfolded each character. Most of all, I loved the reality & different facets of God’s relationship with individuals & how He allows adversity to still show forth His unconditional Love, Grace & Mercy He has for us all! Thank you for a fanatic book! I cannot WAIT until the sequel.

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