Book Club

Looking for discussion questions on Stranded?

1. Here are some questions you can use. They are open-ended with no “correct” answer. In the Comment section below, please feel free to add other questions you discussed in your book club—and how the meeting went, if you’d like! ☺

*What one thing would you take with you if you were to be stranded on an island?
*What would be the hardest part of survival for you?
*Who was your favorite character, and why?
*Of the three “villains” in the story—Captain Emilio, Jojo, and Danny Romero—which would you flee from the fastest?
*Jake, Eve, Betty, and Crystal struggled with different abandonment issues. What were they?
*A professional suggested Ginny be given a flaw such as nagging or even adultery in order to make it more acceptable to the reader that Jake could fall in love with another woman. Do you agree?
*How did you feel about the Jake-Eve romance?
*In Stranded, the authors featured God’s sovereignty as one of His divine character qualities. How did each character respond to it initially and by the end of the book?
*Discuss how any of these themes played out in the story: justice, family, father, purity/chastity, loyalty, etc.
*In what different ways was the gospel interwoven into the story?
*In literature, a symbol is usually a material object that represents something abstract. What are some possibilities for what the Lone Soldier symbolized?
*How did each castaway change by the end of the story?
*At the end of the book, a few ends were left untied. Did these bother you?
*What did you especially like about the story? Not like (shame on you)?

2. Below are ten blog sites where Don and/or Stephanie were interviewed. They are good sources for biographical information and for learning how Don and Stephanie worked together as co-authors (can you believe they’re still happily married?).–blog/archives/11-2014

  1. Shelia says:

    Would love your newsletter! Loved the book!

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