1. ryhill says:

    Great book, when will sequel be available? Loved the way you wove Biblical truth throughout.

  2. Millie J grams says:

    This is the first book by you that I’ve read. I read it to my husband and we found ourselves holding our breath at the roller coaster experiences of Jake, Eve, Betty, and Crystal. It is an “edge of your seat”, thrilling book! We can hardly wait for the sequel to come out. We felt like we were right there in the middle of their story. Excellent writer.

  3. Johanna Rempel says:

    Best book I have read in a long time. I couldn’t put it down.

  4. Irene says:

    Please do not use the word ‘gals’ for woman or girls….it is awful ….. I really hope that no one uses it anymore!


    LOVED the BooK ! Is it the only book you have written please

    • Hi, Patricia! Yes, Stranded is the only book we’ve written … BUT its sequel is being written and will be published sometime in 2016. If you sign up for our newsletter, it will keep you updated on when.

  6. Dawn Carley says:

    Wonderful book. Hard to put down

  7. Lana Jennings says:

    Hello. I finished Forgotten today. I have to say my heart is so full. Between this book and Stranded I can almost not speak. Rarely do books do this to me, but when they do I feel the need to reach out to the author(s). They touched me and made me feel like I was part of the characters lives. I could hardly put them down until I was finished. And when I was forced to put them down I couldn’t stop thinking about them. Thank you so much.

    Lana Jennings

    • Lana, how dear of you to tell us about how our stories touched your heart! It means so much to us to hear from readers like you, and encourages us to keep writing. A big hug to you for reaching out to us!

  8. Andrew says:

    Have you guys talked with audible at all? Love t by e books but my wife mostly listens rather than reads

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