Taste and See!

Yum! Here are three Amazon reader reviews of Forgotten: A Novel to salt your appetite:

“Awesome story, fabulous read! Thank you!!! My husband bought me the 1st book, ‘Stranded’ and I couldn’t put it down … sacrificed sleep to keep reading with no problem at all … and then I was blessed at the end with the name of this sequel … oh wow!!! I bugged my husband while filling him in on the story until he found it for me. It only took me a day to read it … even though I sacrificed more sleep … (again, no problem at all)!!! I loved the suspense, the different settings throughout both books and most of all I loved the characters!!! This was my first time reading the Prichard’s novels and they have been elevated to the top on my favorites list. So again I say … Thank you and keep them coming!!!!!”

“Finally! The saga of Jake, Eve, Betty, and Crystal continues. “Forgotten” held my attention from start to finish. I often thought I knew what was coming next but was invariably wrong.
In addition to enjoying a novel jam-packed with suspense, I was challenged by the overarching message about injustice and the proper response to it. Repeatedly I was pulled emotionally into the injustices, both great and small, suffered by Jake, Eve, Betty, and Crystal. Unlike Jake whose thoughts usually turned to the Lord whose throne is in heaven and who is righteous & loves justice, my thoughts reflexively turned to the unfairness of it all and the need for revenge. Then I would be reminded, usually by Jake, of the scriptural admonition and promise, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay says the Lord.”

“This story has everything I am lucky to get in one book. A great plot, strong female characters, sensitive alpha males, passion, pulls the heartstrings of love and sexual tension. I got hooked on the 1st page, thought of the characters when I wasn’t reading, couldn’t wait to get back to reading and didn’t want the story to end. I definitely recommend.”

Available in digital and paperback.


About Stephanie Prichard

The daughter of a career army officer, Stephanie Prichard grew up in a variety of cultures that developed her love for language. She learned to "figger out the rools," and uses her humor to explain them to others. She and her husband, Don, live in Indianapolis, IN, and are co-authoring an adventure-suspense trilogy.

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